the bulgari hotel – the artist is in residence

  • stuart semple
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Cementing its strong ties to the art world and celebrating the 2015 edition of Frieze Art Fair, The Bulgari Hotel in London formed a collaboration with leading British Artist, Stuart Semple. The project, entitled “The Artist is in Residence” saw Semple tackling concepts of mass and popular culture in a work that redefined the buildings Knightsbridge façade.

Semple produced a remarkable, 127-meter painting across the hotel’s glass-front, in the form of a giant lyrical ‘Mind Map’ of his own experiences at The Bulgari. The challenging work employed paints that glowed at night, further challenging the passer-by in the ultra-traditional London neighbourhood.

The entire process was captured on timelapse and the unveiling took place as Semple completed his last brushstroke. This collaboration was devised and facilitated by the team at Bacchus.